Monday, March 17, 2014

Just Pretty Eye Candy Today Cuz I'm Tired.

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    A ten second video of what happens when our 16 month old great granddaughter wants the camera her mummy is holding but gets a hair clip instead. Laughable!! Poor little munchkin. Can you see that change of face from joy to disappointment in 5 seconds? Great grand kids are a joy beyond heaven!


    A very sweet area to relax and read.

    I love aprons.

    This is another house I could live in with the kitchen, dining room and living room one long room.

    A sweet vignette with a chair I adore.

    Lavish tablecloths adorning a huge table in a lovely dining room.

    Sweet lamp in a pretty room.

    I sure am seeing a lot of pretty rooms lately. This is one. Darling and unique with that dress and jacket hanging in the window.

    A quaint antique shop.

    Bougainvillea gracing a lovely entry way to a home.

    Lovin' the red on this home.

    Beautiful dinnerware with flair.

    Another vignette worthy of note!

    A cute shabby chic living room.

    More romantic tulips in red, pink and white with a cute polka dot vase.

    Just call this a "cozy corner."
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